Writing & Riding

22 May

It’s pouring outside, hailing off and on. Has been for days. My eight-year-old Torelli sits idle in the garage. I want desperately to get out on the road and burn off my pent-up stress. Deadlines are crashing down on me. I need a bicycle break. But weather and work are conspiring against me.

I’m writing furiously, but not effectively. I start and stop. Words materialize, then vanish. Concepts that should be hammered into whole paragraphs, collapse into a confused mess. A good bicycle ride would be better than a great editor right now.

A good bicycle ride doesn’t always depend on fine weather. I’ve had some of my best rides in some of the lousiest conditions. But a nice day is conducive to a decent ride, especially when I’m using the ride as distraction from and an inspiration for work. If I’m fighting black clouds of anxiety about assignments while dealing with a dark, damp day, it’s misery on two wheels.

When I’m under duress from pressing free-lance duties, a long, hard pedal can refresh my mind while it exhausts my body. As I push my legs up and down, up and down, up and down, climbing endless hills or speeding along flats and curves, new ideas pop into my head; disparate facts get elegantly linked; sentences and similes find life. It happens without effort. Nothing is forced. I pedal, therefore, I think.

But I’m doing neither at the moment. Instead, I flail at the keyboard, cranking out copy, because a looming deadline is more ominous than the stormiest weather.


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