I Hate Interleague Baseball

23 May

If St. Peter is a baseball fan, Bud Selig will never get through the Pearly Gates because the Commissioner of Baseball rammed through interleague play into the baseball season. There are many excellent technical reasons why interleague play hurts baseball. Most of them are presented here by Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan. He makes the case better and in more detail than I can. But, in sum, he says interleague play hurts the pennant races in both leagues. And pennant races, beside the game itself, is what makes baseball fun.

I especially hate interleague play because it ruins one of the most pleasant pastimes a baseball fan can have: perusing the box scores in the newspaper or online. For a fan, reading a box score is an exercise in imagination. Not only can you see how both teams did in a given game, but because you follow the standings, you instantly can envision how the outcome of a given game can affect whether a team will rise or fall against the competition in its league and division. But with interleague play a loss or a win doesn’t work the same. Your favorite team can win a game, even sweep a series from an opponent from another league, but because of the awfulness of interleague play, it may not gain an inch in the pennant race. So, you now need to look across the abomination of all the interleague games and figure the whole thing out piecemeal. It sucks innate baseball knowledge dry.

Interleague play is worse than the designated hitter rule.

So, I don’t even bother looking at the box scores during a wretched interleague play weekend like this one. And I won’t watch tonight’s game on ESPN, which, without even looking, I’m betting will be the Mets vs. Yankees because that’s what it always is. (Bud Selig is not only evil, he’s pathetically predictable.) That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy some sports tonight. The NBA is in the midst of its playoffs. Instead of ESPN, I’ll be watching TNT and wishing Bud Selig a long hot stay in hell.


One Response to “I Hate Interleague Baseball”

  1. davidmorgenstern May 25, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    I totally agree with you. As you may remember, I am no fan of American League baseball, nor of interleague play.

    Still, I admit that it’s nice to have the A’s and the Giants play in a local series (nice, except when the A’s own the Giants like last week, that is). Sigh.

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