Netflix and Snail Mail Delivery Confirmation

3 Jun

Charges for mail delivery confirmation from the United States Post Office begin at under a $1. Seems like a bargain to me. But I’m pretty cheap. And I don’t want the hassle of either going to a P.O. branch or figuring out how to order the service online, especially since Netflix provides me with a mail pickup service for free.

As a Netflix member every time I return a movie I get an e-mail message from the company that says its local warehouse received a movie I had dropped in a neighborhood mailbox. It’s as regular as clockwork and the timing is always the same, the next day, in my case. If I include some other important mail, such as a bill payment or birthday card, in the same mailbox, I also know that the other mail has been picked up by a postal worker when I get my Netflix notice.

Granted, it’s not actual delivery service. But I figure once my precious mail is in the hands the Post Office, it’s a done deal.

So, not only is Netflix the best movie service available, it’s a also decent free postal mail pickup confirmation service for my most important snail mail.


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