Apple Does a “Doh!”

9 Dec

I wrote about my wonderful MacBook Air in an earlier post. I still can’t say enough positive things about the machine. I do, however, have one trenchant criticism. If Apple is going to design, build, market, and sell laptop computers without any removable media capabilities built into them, maybe, just maybe the company ought to consider not sending its new customers who purchase AppleCare compact discs. (See photo.)

The above shows what came in my mail after I purchased my MacBook Air and also signed up for AppleCare product protection. A CD that explains the ins and outs of AppleCare.

Yes, yes, I know that I can attach an external drive to read the CD. But it strikes me as even beyond the arrogance of Apple to assume that its new customers will automatically buy an external device for their new MacBook Air computers. I didn’t.

The units come equipped with USB connectors. That’s what I’d expect to receive, a USB stick, if Apple wanted me to read information from external media. Getting the CD makes me think Steve Jobs has let some Homer Simpson impersonator into his shipping department. Maybe someone should slap the fellow on the head to knock some sense into him.


3 Responses to “Apple Does a “Doh!””

  1. Carl Swirsding December 9, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    Ok, I recently purchased a MacBook Air too. I also got the extended care package. And yes, I got the same CD. After reading your posting I had to think about this a bit. Then it came to me why we both got CDs instead of a USB thumb drive:

    1. MacBook Air is a small percentage of all Macs sold.
    2. The cost of a mass produced CD is far cheaper than a USB thumb drive
    3. Anyone who has a MacBook Air has already figured out how to load software on their Air and knows how to read a CD on their MacBook Air.
    4. CD’s are Read Only, USB thumb drives are Read/Write
    5. Apple Customer Support has one solution for all users, they all get the same CD, and go back to #3 above.

    Last, get over it.


    • Mark Everett Hall December 10, 2010 at 8:52 am #

      Mostly, I think the CD’s arrival is more amusing than frustrating. It shows me that Apple is not the smooth-running machine its PR makes it out to be. I say this, Carl, because I think your third point is a pretty big assumption. If I am a long-time Windows user who is attracted to Macs because of their style, function, and because I’m in love with my iPod and iTunes, and choose a MacBook Air, the CD certainly will confuse and frustrate me.

      In addition, Apple includes a USB stick with each of their systems as an emergency software backup device. So, they know it’s the right media to include with the Airs, read/write or not.

  2. David Leishman December 11, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    D’oh is me!

    After my wife’s Air arrived, I scoured the package for the USB key/dongle/thingy, only to come up empty-handed. Went to the Apple Store the following day to inquire about obtaining one and the nice guy—who was quite surprised—said the dongle should be “in with the manual,” and suggested I call Apple Care.

    I decided to final-check the package before calling, and of course there was a USB device in the manual “package.” But instead of the “normal-sized” flash drive I was looking for, was a teeny, wrapped-in-cardboard-with-light-gray-unreadable-type, flash mini-key. No CD.

    Steve’s must have arrived with the CD, too, and somebody at Apple now has scorchmarks on the seat of their pants. D’oh is him or her.

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